Worldwide Wineries & Vineyards

Welcome to our site and to the exciting world of integrated vineyards-wineries and associated estate properties that can enable you and your family to live the vineyard-winery lifestyle while operating and managing your own wine-growing and wine-making enterprise.

If you are already an owner and wish to explore the sale of your enterprise, whether on a public or private basis we are experts in assisting owners in preparing for a sale from every standpoint—valuation of the enterprise, private or public presentation and marketing, identification and qualification of prospective buyers, due diligence matters, inventory valuation in connection with a sale, optimal contract of purchase terms, transitional and consulting agreements and many other related matters.  So, in short, whether you are buying or thinking of selling a vineyard-winery enterprise—we can be of great assistance!

Our site is designed to accommodate vineyard-winery offerings on a world-wide basis, and we can also work cooperatively with business brokers and other agents with an interest in broadening the exposure of their related offerings. 

Whether buying or selling in the winery-vineyard marketplace—it can be a complex undertaking and expert guidance and advice is a must to ensure a successful outcome that meets the needs of both buyer and seller.  Each offering and each transaction are truly unique, so cookie-cutter approaches in such transactions are often prescriptions for failure. Our team is comprised of individuals with hands-on backgrounds in the vineyard and winery space.  This hands-on experience coupled with business and real estate expertise helps ensure success and meets the needs of both sellers and buyers.

While wine is and has been considered a “nectar of the Gods” from ancient times, vineyard management, wine-making techniques, wine marketing, pricing, and consumption trends are ever-changing—particularly in today’s fast-paced digital marketplace.  At World Wide Wineries & Vineyards, we endeavor to stay on top of the latest developments on all of these fronts and ready to offer expert guidance and advice to our clients—whether selling or buying.

As you will see, we offer a mix of both public and private offerings on these pages.  We also have offerings not necessarily described on these pages which are in the higher price echelons and available to interested and qualified principals who are willing to sign our Non-Disclosure Agreements.

We invite your contacts by email or phone, and we look forward to expertly assisting you with the sale of your winery-vineyard enterprise or with the purchase of your dream winery-vineyard estate—anywhere in the world.  CHEERS!

-The World Wide Wineries & Vineyards Team