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Vineyards for Sale in Portugal

Portugal has a long, proud history of wine-making dating back to at least 2000 B.C. While most recognized for its famous fortified Port, Portugal produces many varietals of internationally-acclaimed wine as the country’s ideal climate and terroir allow for great annual yields. Today, Portugal’s wine industry is booming thanks to a renewed interest in native wine grape varieties. If you’re considering a vineyard for sale in Portugal, it’s the perfect time to focus on premium wine production, as the country’s top-quality wines are increasingly marketed on a global scale. 

Portugal’s Wine Regions

Portugal has five major wine regions, each rich with their own vinicultural traditions. Portugal’s wine regions vary significantly in soil, traditional grape varietals, and in the degree to which the climate is influenced by the Atlantic, Mediterranean, and continental European climates. If you’re considering vineyards for sale in Portugal, consider the unique characteristics of each wine region:

  • Alentejo: Alentejo has a long history of wine-making, with some vineyards and wineries continuing to use ancient techniques. The region’s terroir produces fantastic and complex fruit flavors with soft tannins and good acidity.  
  • Douro: One of the top wine regions in the world, Douro has even been designated a World Heritage Region! Douro has been home to one of Portugal’s best-known exports, Port wine, since the 18th century. 
  • Dão: This region produces some of Portugal’s best red wines and has been a frontrunner for exporting table wines for decades. Wines produced in Dão are very fresh as the high elevation and cool nighttime temperatures preserve the acidity of the grapes.
  • Lisbon: This region is known for producing both table wines and well as sparkling wine from its subregion, Óbidos.

Madeira: This island region still uses a 19th century technique of heating the wine called Estufagem, giving it a uniquely wonderful flavor. In fact, Madeira wine was used by both Thomas Jefferson and George Washington to toast significant events!

The Portuguese Wine Market

Portugal is no new player in the global wine market, and its wine revenue continues to increase significantly each year. The country’s wine exports continue to outpace annual projections, with almost 800 million bottles of Portuguese wine sold last year. Portuguese vineyards are also a hot spot for international visitors. According to the minister of the economy, Portugal extracts more revenue from each international tourist than almost any other European country. Portugal’s annual wine earnings are over $3.5 billion with a projected yearly increase of over 10%. This means there has never been a better or more profitable time to purchase a vineyard for sale in Portugal!

Today, Portugal continues to produce wine in the legacy of its vinicultural traditions, reflecting the unique terroir of each region. Portugal’s vineyards are the ideal choice for those looking to enter the European wine market. If you’re hoping to find the right vineyard, let us put our decades of experience to work finding a vineyard for sale in Portugal to fit your vision and needs!