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    Vineyards for Sale in Maryland

    Many of those in the market for a vineyard think first of the most famous wine regions in the country and across the world. But some of the best vineyard buys can be found in states that are only just gaining recognition. Maryland is one of these states. Since Maryland is a relative newcomer in the wine world, the state’s vineyards are still reasonably priced for new buyers. The recent outstanding performances of Maryland wine at national and international competitions have put outsized attention on the state’s new and established vineyards, making it the ideal spot to start or continue a vineyard. If you’re considering purchasing a vineyard, Maryland has the perfect property for any buyer in the market for heavy wine tourism and great grape-growing weather.

    While Maryland may have only captured the interest of wine connoisseurs recently, the state has a long history of vineyards and wineries. In 1638, the early days of the Maryland Colony, Lord Baltimore was urged to turn to winemaking as a source of income for the colony due to the high quality of the local muscadine wine grape. While the governor’s early attempts at viticulture failed, a French resident of Maryland Colony produced eight different kinds of wine as early as 1648. Maryland’s wine industry went through high and low periods over the next few centuries until a policy at the turn of this century permanently changed its fortunes for the better: In 2001, the state moved to discourage tobacco growth in favor of alternative crops, which led to the development of robust wine trails that are still growing today!

    Over the last two decades, Maryland’s wine industry has exploded as the state’s vineyards have won much deserved attention from industry experts. Maryland vineyards have been a massive boon to the state’s economy, boosting both employment in and tourism to the state. In fact, as of 2017, Maryland’s wine industry was generating over $2.5 billion per year and contributing more than $4 million in taxes. Tourists are drawn to the state’s vineyards and wineries by events like the Maryland Wine Festival, one of the largest wine festivals on the East Coast, which draws over 20,000 attendees each year.

    Award-winning wine grapes are grown at intimate, breathtaking vineyards across Maryland, in each of the state’s four wine-grape regions. Nonetheless, the varieties of grape that grow best and the flavor of the wine depends on the region. Maryland’s Western Mountain region is, unsurprisingly, the state’s most mountainous area. In this region, vineyard owners experience longer, colder winters than elsewhere in the state, and the wine grape growing season is markedly shorter. In the lower-altitude Piedmont Plateau region, the climate is much milder and the growing season longer, making it the region with the best climate for vineyards. The Southern Plain region – a hot, humid area – and the Eastern Shore region – filled with sandy soil – each pose their own challenges to vineyard owners. But if you choose to plant the grape varieties that thrive in these conditions, you’ll be able to grow some of Maryland’s best wine grapes!

    Since each region allows different wine grapes to thrive, there are three dozen different varieties that flourish in the state. If you want to grow particular kinds of wine grapes, consider which of Maryland’s regions will be most hospitable for those varieties. If you’re interested in Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Norton, or Chardonnay, the cool Western Mountain region is a great location for a vineyard. The Piedmont Plateau region is ideal for Merlot, Chardonnay, Pinot Gris, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Cabernet Franc. Wine grapes used for Sangiovese, Vidal, and Montepulciano thrive in the Southern Plain region. And the Eastern Shore region’s mild climate allows most all of these varieties of wine grapes to grow.

    When choosing a location for your perfect Maryland vineyard, there’s more to consider than just the wine region it’s located in. Maryland boasts eight wine trails, with at least one trail in each of the growing regions described above. These wine trails bring flocks of eager wine connoisseurs to visit Maryland vineyards and wineries, boosting business for Maryland vineyard owners throughout the year. If you’re looking to purchase a Maryland vineyard for sale, consider those located near an established wine trail. This will help to bring a stronger flow of visitors to your business even before you’ve had the chance to establish your reputation and marketing plan.