Vineyards for Sale in Spain

Vineyards and wineries have a long, proud history in Spain dating back to around 1100 BCE when the Phoenicians first began producing wine in the area. Each region of the country has a distinctive terroir that winemakers showcase – from the rich, velvety red wines produced in Rioja to the refreshing Cava from Penedes. Today, Spain has over one million acres devoted to growing wine grapes. In fact, more of Spain’s land area is planted with vineyards than any other country in the world! Each region in Spain has something to offer, and our experts can help those looking for vineyards for sale in Spain to find the right match for their needs.

Spain’s Wine Regions

For those interested in vineyards for sale in Spain, there are many different landscapes to explore. The country has 7 distinct climate zones that determine the character of the wine produced and the grapes that thrive:

  • Northwestern Spain: Sometimes referred to as “Green Spain,” this region is known for having a cooler climate that produces crisp, refreshing whites. 
  • Duero River Valley: This region is known for producing some of Spain’s best red wines. It specializes in Tempranillo grapes, the most planted variety in the country, which produce bold and flavorful reds.
  • Ebro River Valley: This region encompasses one of Spain’s most prestigious wine regions, La Rioja. Like in many regions, Tempranillo is the wine grape variety of choice in this region.
  • The Mesata: This plateau region in central Spain produces almost two-thirds of the country’s wine! Several red wine grape varietals are popular here including Tempranillo and Grenache, but the white wine grape Airen is the most planted variety.
  • Mediterranean Coast:  This is the country’s most internationally-recognized wine region, known for producing Spain’s famous sparkling Cava.
  • Andalusia: This region has a particularly hot and dry climate that is ideal for producing dessert and fortified wines like Sherry. 
  • The Islands: The Canary and Balearic Islands produce a wide variety of wines from reds to sweet dessert white wines. Interested buyers should note that there are currently few exporters of wine from Spain’s islands, making the wine rare and valuable.

The Spanish Wine Market

Spain is one of the world’s top wine producers, with its wine output surpassed only by France and Italy. Many of Spain’s winemakers are adapting to the international market by offering consumer favorites at great value for the money. While Spanish wine has a significant domestic demand, the country is increasingly exporting its premium red wines internationally. About 75% of Spanish vineyards are export-focused, and the country is second in worldwide wine exports. In total, Spain’s wine export value is about 2.63 billion euros per year! With Spanish’s wine increasing international popularity, there has never been a better time for those interested in Spanish vineyards for sale to buy. If you’re interested in a vineyard for sale in Spain, we can put our decades of expertise to work finding you the perfect property to fit your needs!