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Vineyards for Sale in Oregon

Wine has been proudly produced in Oregon since even before the state was incorporated, with early settlers to the area cultivating wine grapes as early as the 1840s! Oregon’s wines first received domestic and international acclaim in the 1970s, and their popularity has exploded in the decades since. The state is increasingly well-known for its complex Pinot noir, which experts have struggled to tell apart from Burgundy Pinot noirs in blind taste tests. Today, the state is also known as a top West Coast wine tourism destination – the perfect place to relax with a bottle of local wine and a great view. Those considering purchasing a vineyard should consider Oregon’s vineyards for sale, as the long summers and cool evenings produce fantastic, elegant wines to rival the best European vineyards.

Oregon’s Wine Regions

Oregon has 21 recognized wine regions, each of which boasts delicious wines that reflect their unique terroir. For those looking for a vineyard for sale in Oregon, we can help you to navigate the many regions and AVAs to find the right spot for your vineyard. Here are a few noteworthy areas:

Willamette Valley: Nearly half of Oregon’s vineyards are located in this region. The Willamette Valley is best known for producing some of the country’s top Pinot noir thanks to its climate, soil, and natural geography!

Walla Walla Valley: This valley has the perfect terrain for planting efficient vineyards. This AVA includes the Rocks District of Milton-Freewater, the only AVA in the U.S. whose boundaries are fixed by a single type of soil. 

Central Oregon: Though initially considered an unusual spot for viticulture, this region is becoming more and more popular due to the low prices for vineyard acreage.

Columbia River Gorge: Sometimes called “America’s Most Unique Wine Region,” this area is conveniently located less than an hour from Portland. This makes it an incredibly popular destination for wine tourists!

Southern Oregon: Surrounded by forests, rivers, and mountains, this diverse region is gaining greater and greater international attention. It includes the Umpqua Valley, one of the fastest growing wine regions in the state.

The Oregon Wine Market

Today, Oregon boasts more than 700 wineries and over 28,000 acres of vineyards. With over 1.7 million cases sold annually, this state is one of the U.S.’s top growing wine markets! In fact, only California and Washington top Oregon’s annual wine exports. Oregon is increasingly becoming known for its value Pinot noir that is considered a fantastic premium Pinot for buyers on a budget. As Oregon establishes itself as a contender to California and Burgundy wines, its market share will continue to expand!

Since Oregon is becoming more and more well-known to those searching for high-quality, affordable wine, there has never been a better time to join the state’s wine market. If you’re hoping to find the right vineyard for sale in Oregon, let us put our decades of experience to work finding the vineyard of your dreams!