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Vineyards for Sale in Argentina

Argentina is one of the world’s top wine producers and the largest wine producer in South America! Wine has been proudly crafted in Argentina since the 1500s when Spanish missionaries then later Italian settlers introduced viticulture in the region. The country’s vineyards are well-known for their high-quality Malbec grapes, which owe their complexity to the high altitude of the Andes Mountains. Argentina’s vineyards and wineries are known for crafting bright, intense wines with strong floral notes and the flavors of dark stone fruits and berries. 

Until this century, Argentinian wines were sold primarily in the domestic market, but today there is booming international demand for the country’s wines. The country’s wines have won international acclaim thanks to the unique flavors imparted by its extreme geography. There has never been a better time to consider a vineyard for sale in Argentina given its increasing popularity in the international wine market!

Argentina’s Wine Regions

Argentina’s geography is incredibly varied, from the rocky peaks and cliffs of the Andes Mountains to the low, fertile plains of the Pampas. The ideal place for vineyards in Argentina is the foothills of the Andes, and many of the most well-known vineyards are located in this region. These regions are home to most of the vineyards for sale in Argentina today:

  • Mendoza: Mendoza is by far Argentina’s greatest wine producing region, accounting for more than 60% of the country’s wine and 85% of the country’s Malbec! This region’s terroir is created by the high altitude and desert landscape. These features combine to produce complex and flavorful red wines that have earned critical acclaim. 
  • San Juan: This region is the second largest wine producer in Argentina. While Mendoza produces massive quantities of wine, San Juan is known for its incredible quality. This region is drier and hotter than Mendoza, and the terroir imparts its own unique flavors on the wine produced here. Syrah and Charbono are the most popular varieties here, but sherry, brandy, and vermouth are increasingly common. 
  • La Rioja: La Rioja was one of the first regions in Argentina to produce wine! The best wines in this region are produced in the Fátima Valley, tucked between two mountain ranges. The most popular wine in this region is Torrontés, an aromatic and refreshing white wine.

The Argentinian Wine Market

Argentina’s vineyards cover almost 550,000 acres across the country! In the last two decades, Argentinian wine producers have raised the bar and successfully emerged as a major international wine export market. In fact, Argentina is the fifth largest wine producing country in the world! The country’s Criolla Grande and Cereza grape varieties are some of the most popular to grow given their impressively high yields and good profit margin.

If you’re interested in joining an increasingly popular wine market, look no further than Argentina. With our decades of expertise, we can help you find the right vineyard for sale in Argentina to meet your needs – and turn a profit!