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Vineyards for Sale in Austria

While Austria’s vineyards and wineries have emerged as major players in the international wine scene over the last few decades, Austrian wine has a much longer history: the country’s first wine was produced by the Romans and Celts around 700 BC. Today, the country’s noteworthy wines are increasingly featured well-regarded wine lists and praised by wine tourists. Austrian vineyards are best known for their refreshing, crisp whites like Rieslings, but they also produce earthy red wines from local grape varieties. With our expertise, we can help you navigate the bustling market to find the perfect Austrian vineyard for sale to meet your needs!  

Austria’s Wine Regions

Four of Austria’s nine federal states are ideal for winemaking. If you’re considering purchasing a vineyard for sale in Austria, consider the style of wine you’d like to be known for. Here are some of the things that set each of Austria’s wine regions apart: 

  • Vienna: One of Austria’s major wine regions is contained within Vienna’s city limits! This is the only European capital with its own fully-developed wine industry. The vineyards in this region produce crisp white wines.
  • Niederösterreich: The fastest growing wine region in Austria is spread across the south. This vast region contains three smaller regions, each with a unique terroir. Across the sub-regions, the main stars of Niederösterreich are Grüner Veltliner and Riesling.
  • Burgenland: This region boasts one of the few areas with the perfect climate to produce botrytis, or noble rot, that creates distinctive sweet dessert wines. At the same time, this region is the leader of Austria’s new rich and earthy reds that are changing its reputation as primarily a white-wine producer. 
  • Styria: The Alpine climate of this region produces wines that are district from those produced elsewhere. Its wines are incredibly light and fresh with strong mineral notes. Styria is also known for its hyper-local rosé, Schilcher. This pink wine is a vibrant color with a bold flavor and high acidity. 

The Austrian Wine Market 

Austria’s wide range of climates provide the ideal conditions to craft some of the world’s finest wines of all different styles. The international acclaim for Austrian wines is booming over the last few years, making it the perfect time to join into a growing and thriving market. Even with the rapid changes brought by the pandemic, Austria’s wine market has continued to grow and surpass expectations. Austria exports exceeding $215 million worth of wine annually, or 63 million liters. Austria has a significant domestic market for its regional wines, with 70% of its wines consumed within its borders. While the value of the Austrian wine market is impressive, there are only about 20,000 vineyards and 6,000 bottlers in the country. This means that the market is not overly saturated and presents a great opportunity for new vineyard owners. If you’re considering investing in a vineyard or winery, we can help you navigate the exciting and profitable market of Austrian vineyards for sale!