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Vineyards for Sale in Canada

Over the last few decades, Canadian wine has exploded in popularity – and with good reason! Canadian wine grapes produce complex flavors not found in European bottles, and Canada is known for unique styles such as ice wine that thrive in its cold climate. While Canada currently has almost 500 wineries and more than 1,600 vineyards, the demand for Canadian wine continues to grow with each passing year. With almost 60 million liters of Canadian wine sold each year, there has never been a better time to explore vineyards for sale in Canada!

The art of winemaking is an important part of Canada’s history. When the Viking explorer Leif Erikson first explored Canada, he called it “Vineland” due to the abundance of wild grapes. Hundreds of years later in the mid-1800’s, commercial vineyards and wineries spread across the country. Ice wine, a dessert wine crafted from grapes that have frozen on the vine, is particularly favored in Canada. In fact, Canada is the world’s top producer of this noteworthy sweet wine! 

Canada’s Wine Regions

Canada’s 30,000 acres of vines are spread across many regions of the country. Vineyards in each region produce flavorful wine grapes that reflect the area’s specific terroir. 

  • Ontario: Most Canadian vineyards are located in Ontario, a region that accounts for two-thirds of the wine grape acreage in the country.
  • British Columbia: Canada’s second highest wine producer, this region is known for producing dry and acid-forward wines.
  • Quebec: Winemakers in Quebec are known for experimenting with interesting hybrids designed with the region’s climate in mind.
  • Nova Scotia: This region was one of the first to produce wine in North America in the 1600’s, and continues to produce distinctive bottles today.
  • Prince Edward Island: On the shores of Lake Ontario, this is one of the fastest growing wine regions in Canada because of its unique limestone-rich soil.

The Canadian Wine Market

As Canadian wine sales continue to grow and outpace projections, there has never been a better time to purchase a vineyard for sale in Canada. Vineyards and wineries in Canada are an increasingly popular destination for tourists with about 3 million annual visitors. Winemaking is a significant driver of the Canadian economy, with an annual economic impact of almost $7 billion. While 220 million bottles of Canadian wine are consumed by Canadians each year, the country’s wine exports are steadily increasing as Canadian vineyards and wineries earn well-deserved international accolades. 

Today, Canada’s many vineyards and wineries are proud to produce noteworthy wines of their own distinct flavor that reflect the country’s unique terroirs. For those looking to embark on a new winemaking adventure, vineyards for sale in Canada present the opportunity to join an exciting, expanding market. If you’re hoping to get your foot in the door in an emerging wine market, Canada is one of the best choices. With our decades of expertise, we can help you find a vineyard for sale in Canada to fit your budget and winemaking goals!